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November Horoscopes

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

November is quite the ride. We usher in the last eclipse season of the year and brace for change. We also get a glimpse of the year to come. Read on for what it means for you. As always read both your sun and rising sign if you know it.


This month brings big changes. You're done with procrastinating, done with putting things on the back burner when you actually want to charge ahead, done with censoring yourself and waiting. This year has evolved how you express yourself and communicate. You're about to become a much more powerful force in your life. That looks like taking control of your work life and finances this month. You're finally moving into action. Get ready to see massive transformation in 2022.


You've had a strong focus on career and public image all year, and now your personal development, self care and self image are about to undergo examination and metamorphosis. Relationships may take up your attention for the better part of the month, but any ways that you've been neglecting yourself or holding yourself back are going to show up full force for you to change. It's a great time for you to take or plan a trip, the stars are on your side to have a magical time.


Work is on your mind this month and the eclipse that's coming November 19th is going to show you all the ways you have been sabotaging your own happiness and progress. You may want to take some time to yourself later in the month for reflection, healing and meditation - you've had a year full of massive growth and change and some integration is about to take place. Your work life is going to be revitalized this coming year and it's time to prepare. You may also see a monetary windfall later in the month. The end of November is a good time to get your finances in order, this will attract abundance and get rid of the blocks that have been in your way.


This is a beautiful month for you Cancer! Creativity, romance and fun should be a priority for you right now. If you work in a creative field you may see some new opportunities coming your way. Single cancers may be feeling the love and meet someone new and partnered Cancers can expect to see sparks fly in your current relationship. You may find yourself experiencing a major accomplishment in one of your longterm goals this month or you may have a big shift in priorities that lead you to find a new dream - either way things are moving ahead.


Your career is getting some major attention Leo! You'r ready to make the changes you've been dreaming of in regards to work and career. There may be some changes in your home and family life - make sure that you're making time for the ones you love and making the serenity of your home a priority, that foundation is going to be important for you in this upcoming year as things start to take off. Love takes on a practical approach at the end of the month , some may find love with a coworker or feel revitalized in your daily life, others may find acts of service for a loved one are what connects you and brings you closer this month.


This is a month of expanding your mind and horizons. There's an emphasis on your communication style and self expression. You may also find yourself more social this month and finding a more important role in your community, workplace or social network. The end of the month brings creativity and romance, make sure you leave time for date nights, adventures and polishing your newest creative masterpiece because you're on fire.


This is a transformational and maybe quite serious time for you Libra. Your mind is on your finances and you're being reminded to put your self first. Does your work life and how you're handling your finances reflect your self worth? If not it's time for an overhaul and the Universe is going to make sure you get it. Your home life is extra sweet right now, it's a great time to cuddle up with the ones you love at home, redecorate and do whatever you need to make sure your home feels like a serene and rejuvenating space. Extra time with family and loved ones is a good idea right now.


It's your birthday season Scorpio! It's all about you right now, it's a time of new beginnings and focusing on your self. You've been reflecting on your purpose, your plan and what you really want out of life and it's starting to look like you're going to get it. An important relationship will move to the next level or if it's not right you guys will go your separate ways. Your love life is getting serious right now, for better or worse either your relationship is for real or you don't have time for it. You're being encouraged to express yourself authentically. Writing, singing, performing, and teaching are all extra special for your right now - people are listening.


It's the month before your birthday season Sag. It's a time of reflection, sorting things out, planning ahead and looking back on the past year finding out what worked and what didn't and what you want to do next. Your finances are about to increase and take up some of your attention. You are starting to understand what you're worth and are charging accordingly. Get ready for a jolt to your work life, you may change jobs, or make a huge change to your daily life and how you get things done.


You're getting focused on your long term goals right now Capricorn, deciding which dreams you really want to go all in on. You're known as one of the hardest workers in the zodiac and once you commit to something you see it through to the end. This month it looks like you have a creative breakthrough that shows you what your heart really wants. Venus in your first house makes you charming and enigmatic so use this time to attract the attention you want for your big dreams and projects. Dont be afraid to take a risk and go all in on what your heart wants.


Your career is on your mind Aquarius but your home is going to require your attention. Many Aquarians may have to suddenly move, or make changes to where they live or their living arrangements. You may also find family requires your attention. This is a time where you may have to make a difficult decision or choice to move your life forward like leaving your family home, or a relationship or something that's been holding you back in order to move forward. Spend time in meditation, reflection or on your own in nature for the right answers as to how to proceed.


You may feel the urge to express yourself in a new way, you might find the inspiration to show up more on social media, write a book, a song or teach a class. Allow this new way of expression to come through and allow yourself to be authentic, major good will come from this. You may find yourself making new friends or expanding your professional network this month. It's also a great time for you to take or plan a trip. This is a very sweet and social time for you, take advantage of it.

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